Its the simple things …

Todays post, I wanted to reflect on some of the changes that I have achieved during my whole weight loss journey. This past week I have really had my lightbulb moment when everything just clicked and I really felt thankful for the simple things in life …

  • Being able to wrap a normal size towel around yourself and tuck it in!
  • Going out for dinner and enjoying a nice meal, a couple of drinks and not making a guts of yourself because you feel you need to finish the meal!
  • Not looking twice at the left overs sitting the bench after dinner or the kids un-eaten food plate anymore because I know when ive had enough.
  • Trying new foods, ingredients and cooking techniques
  • Not “needing” a treat after dinner anymore.
  • Going into a clothes shop, picking up a pair of size 12 jeans and they fit!
  • Finally looking at myself in the mirror and liking what I see, yes I know im not finished yet and still have a little way to go, but I can honestly say “I like me” for the first time in many years!
  • Waking up 5 mins before your alarm at 3.30am and going into Robot mode to get ready for your gym session, not making excuses why I shouldnt go! I’m finally 100% committed to my training and my new way of life.
  • Leaving the gym and a regular saying “see you tomorrow” and knowing you WILL be back tomorrow.
  • Running 5k non-stop!
  • Always looking to challenge myself in new events, distances and exercises!
  • My kids commenting on how “skinny” I am when they hug me now.
  • How my weight loss and transformation is inspiring others around me to make positive changes in their lives.
  • And finally not punishing myself because I couldn’t meet a PB running today or didn’t loose as much as I wanted this week … and knowing I’ll get there eventually, it may not be today, this week or next but I will get there if I’m consistent!

Total weight loss – 24.6kgs

Tina x


Blowing my own trumpet!

OK so its been a while since my last post on here … have been so damn busy with this 12wbt program with the exercising, cooking, meal planning, kids etc. etc that my blog is a little outdated.

So here I am in week 3, round 2 of the 12wbt and I have to say … THIS IS THE BEST PROGRAM EVER!!!!

As i have said in my previous thread, tried everything, pills, shakes fad diets and all the weight just went back on .. this is finally my time to keep it off and with the program it has really shown me how.

I am loving the food (so are the kids meh hubby not so much) and love the variety in the exercise plans … so as of today I am proud to say I have lost 3.5kgs in 3 weeks on this program! A massive total of 24.6kgs since November!

Here I am …


I cant believe how great my fitness and energy levels are at the moment and LOVE when im at work and everyone comments as its so noticeable now!

Just to add the icing to the top of the cake, I have been recieving PB’s every week on my 5k Parkruns and I think this will be the week I crack the 30 min mark!!! (Currently sitting at 30.13m)

Huge shout out to Mish and her crew for such a life changing program! What has made it all worth it … the other day my 10yo son came and gave me a hug and could actually fit his arms all the way around me … and he said “Mum your getting so skinny” YAY

So heres me blowing my own trumpet, high fiving my self and fist pumping the air!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Tina x

Passion for Running

I have never been a good runner … or I should say I have never liked running! Up until a few months ago I would avoid it at all costs and would walk on the treadmill with incline rather than run on it to avoid my junk bouncing everywhere. It was only as I begun to lose a little weight and after reading some exercise info on the net about shredding weight that I decided if I’m going to lose this weight, im going to need to kick it up a notch and get my ass into some compression tights and start running.

I started off with 30mins on the treadmill running 2 mins walking 5 mins, then gradually started running 5 mins walking 5 mins etc. etc. It was only when I met up with one of the ladies doing the 12wbt @ Wynnum for a 5k walk one Saturday morning … I spotted Parkrun!


I went home and googled it, signed up, printed off my bar code and that next week ran my first Parkrun event on the Saturday morning and I have never looked back.

Ok, yes I was so sore for days after and I didn’t realise running on the treadmill compared to the road/path was very different so I was determined to get the right gear, hit the footpath again and set out for a PB the next time I went.

Heading down to the local Super Amart Sports store and picked up some decent running shoes and a heart rate monitor and I was set to run in my next parkrun.


So far I am proud to say I have ran @ 4 parkruns and have got personal bests 3 times and will now set out to get under 30 mins sometime soon … I have now even signed up to run the 8km Mothers Day Classic this sunday which will be a huge achievement for me.

Since then I have also managed to get my husband and friends to come along to do the 5k @ Parkrun and they are also hooked, which is great to have them come along and compete with me.

I now train 6 days a week (my sat parkrun included) and do 5km on the treadmill everyday and again at lunchtime (during my work lunch break) until this morning when I achieved a great milestone of 7km non stop on the treadmill … not bad for someone who hated running only a few months ago.

There are now a few events im looking at doing in this year including the B2B and hanging to do the Stampede 10k in September, but ultimate will be the Tough Mudder in 2014! A huge goal but I know I can get there!

Running has now become more than a weight loss tool … its become a part of me … a new-found hobby that I am really passionate about and will continue doing for a long time!

I have a page dedicated to page to Parkrun and also has my results on there for anyone that wants to check it out! >>>>>>>>>>>

Weight loss to date: 21.1kgs – 12.8kgs to go!

Tina x

MKR – Kitchen Makeover Time!

I have never heard so much whining and moaning in my house this week!

For any of those with families attempting this 12wbt pre-season task, you will know where I’m coming from here …

This week we have been asked to throw out all the junk food and crap we have in our cupboards, fridges and freezer and begin to stock them up with all the healthy options. I made my kids and hubby watch the video from Michelle and explained that on Friday, before the new groceries arrive, we will be doing exactly what has been asked of me. The look on my 10-year-old face was horror and my hubby’s reaction was not impressed to say the least!


I’m guessing I should have done the makeover there and then, because what followed yesterday afternoon shocked the hell out of me and really hit home why I need to do this not only for me but my kids!

My Husband caught my son eating every one of his easter eggs left over from Easter as he knew it was all getting thrown out on Friday! Scary to think that my 10-year-old has already begun to take on the really bad habits I have battled with for years!

This needs to change and it needs to be today!


My kids are not overweight and both play sport / dancing, but I can really see now that they are heavily addicted to processed and sugary foods and will always opt for that packet of chips over the piece of fruit or the juice over a glass of water. If I am going to gain anything out of this 12wbt I really want it to be changing my kids eating habits.

Being a fulltime working mum, and using it as an excuse, I would buy lunchbox snacks that were quick and easy to throw into the lunchbox from the pantry or cook some of the weeks meals that were easy to just take out the freezer and put in the oven … well today this all stops! I can no longer use that fact that I work fulltime and don’t have time as an excuse to make my kids eat better and its my responsibility as a mum to teach them the right way!

So the hubby is still not impressed and skeptical about the whole thing but as he said if the recipes we are given to cook taste good he will go with it! Bring on the meal plans I say, previous 12wbt’s have already raved about the recipes so I cant wait to really get started with the program and completely change our lives forever!

A huge thanks to Michelle already (and its only preseason) for really making me open my eyes to the real damage I was causing!

My kitchen will rule once the makeover is complete!

Weight loss to date = 20.7kgs!

Tina x

Weigh In Woes

After a full on week of slogging it out at the gym and counting every calorie come weigh in day today, I felt fantastic (sore but great) as I know I have given it everything I had this week and expected a big weight loss number on the scales.

After finally reaching 19kgs, I really thought this was the week where I was going to crack the 20kgs lost but instead I got on the scales this morning and nothing … not even 50 grams weight loss. Completely shattered and to be honest it ruined my whole day and completely threw me for a six as I really started to doubt myself and if this whole journey is worth it.


I didn’t even bother going to the gym today, even missed my first boot camp workout this evening as well as binge ate all day!

I keep thinking to myself … “look at those contestants on the Biggest Loser, they have plateau weeks” or “you have already lost 19kgs you should be proud of yourself” and yes I get all that and I guess I should be thankful i didn’t gain any weight!

Completely slipped back into my old habits today where i used food in a way I swore to myself I would never do again … Not only do I feel so guilty, I feel physically sick from eating so much of all the wrong things.


But tomorrow is another day and will make sure I get back on the band wagon first thing tomorrow morning and try again for next weeks weigh in!

On another note, really cant wait for this Round 2 of 12wbt to commence, I have signed up at the start of warm up and really hanging to get started!

Wish me luck for next weeks weigh in!

Tina x

To PT or not to PT!

So not to blow my own horn or anything, but I have managed to loose 18kgs on my own through excerise and changing my bad eating habits since November, but I was feeling like I was starting to loose motivation with my excercising and what use to be a 1 1/2 hour workout has slowly become 75 mins then 60 mins and not giving it everything I had.

In my head i was saying “that will be enough” when I knew I was being a little half assed about it.

With the Season 2 for 12wbt not starting for a few more weeks I thought that I needed to take action and get the motivation and whole hearted effort back into my training sessions again.

I have always been a little sceptical about using a Personal Trainer as I thought it was a complete waste of money for the short time they work out with you. And boy was I wrong!


I sought help from my local PT at Snap Fitness Bikdale yesterday morning and was given the hardest free weight 30 mins training session! Thanks Ellie! Needless to say, I am still pretty sore more than a day + on but it worked with showing me how hard I need to train and to give it my all each and every training session from now on. I was even given a program to follow for my free weight training which really helped as It was been far too long between weight training for me.

Yes, I have to admit it is costly and to be quite honest I dont think I could afford one every week but to put some motivation back into your training sessions, offer some variety and most importantly to show you correct techniques for different excercises, yes to some they are worth every penny.

On another note I weighed in this morning and lost a whole 1 kg this week so Im sure that PT session did contribute to my loss for this week a bit.

Total Weightloss To date … 19kgs!

Tina x

Why Blog It?

So here it is, my first Blog! Never really had much to do with reading blogs or even thought about blogging until I signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt Round 2 for 2013.


Logged onto the forum and there was a section about 12wbt bloggers and after reading a few peoples blogs, it really inspired me to start tracking and sharing my progress with others as well and the little tips I have learned along the way … so here I am.

So I guess I should start with a bit about me …

My name is Tina, I’m 32, married with 2 kids and living in Brisbane QLD. I work full time and between cooking, cleaning and running the kids around to football and ballet, Jazz & Tap, I manage to work out at least once a day.

Current weight 80.9kgs


I have always struggled with my weight from about high school and I am always at my lowest emotionally when I’m anything over 90kgs. I was at my lowest weight and happiest, when I met my hubby 6 or so years ago, I was 68kgs … November my weight was 98.9kgs heading back towards triple digits I knew I had to act fast! So I signed up to a Snap Fitness gym, changed my diet on my own and here I am now … 80.9kgs so close but yet so far!

I started losing motivation fast until one day on Facebook it came up in my news feed that someone had liked to Michelle Bridges 12wbt page. This was just the kind of motivation I needed to get my head back in the game and finally kick this weight off and change me back forever!


After signing up at the start of Warm Up for Round 2 and with Pre-season kicking off tomorrow I am completely focused and have now set my sights firmly on the big (or should I say small) 65kgs goal!

Thanks for reading my first post and wish me luck!

Tina x